Turk Medical Plus

Our company is a leading company in providing medical tourism services and consultations. We specialise in catering to people seeking an integrated travel experience that combines medical treatment, relaxation and tourism exploration.


Our company offers a variety of services and solutions in the field of medical tourism. We are working on organising outpatient treatment trips for individuals who are looking for high-quality medical services in areas such as dentistry, cosmetology, physiotherapy, bariatric treatment, and others. We collaborate with a selection of accredited hospitals and medical centres and experienced doctors to ensure that we provide the best services to our clients.


In addition, we offer comprehensive counselling services to help choose the right destination, identifying the best packages and treatments for each person’s needs. We place great importance on providing a comfortable and satisfying travel experience for our clients, from travel and accommodation arrangements to follow-up treatment and aftercare.


Our company has an experienced and professional team in the field of medical tourism. We deal with each client individually and are interested in meeting their individual expectations and desires.